China Tech-Investment Marketplace - Webinar Forum:  $750.00

China Tech-Investment Marketplace - Webinar Forum

Washington DC Archangels (WDCA) produces the China Technology Investment Marketplace, a seven-day event featuring multiple one-on-one meetings between U.S. technology companies and selected investors in Suzhou, China.  WDCA's China Team in Suzhou has identified, vetted and have made individual contacts at more than 25 of the most active investment companies and banks in Suzhou, as well as selected private investors.  All are personally known by WDCA’s Team members and Suzhou affiliates, and all are seeking to invest in U.S. tech-based companies to launch and expand in the Chinese economy.

To support the Marketplace, facilitate business introductions and discussions between companies and the Chinese investors, WDCA produces the China Tech-Investment Marketplace - Webinar Forum (invitation-only).  In advance of travelling to China for the event, companies must paticipate in an online session to meet and discuss their company's business and investment strategy with two or more investors that have screened and selected the company as an possible investment. Paticipating companies should expect to discuss a variety of opportunites such as establishing a stand alone operating company in China, joint venture partnerships, licensing and royalty arrangements, and marketing and distribution agreements. Additional topics may include detailed discussion of management experience and capabilities, funding requirements and use of investment funds, and intellectual property.

To participate in the China Tech-Investment Marketplace - Webinar Forum, invited companies must pay a one-time fee and enter into a standard agreement with Washington DC ArchAngels. The agreement specifies the business relationship between the Washington DC ArchAngels and the invited company that will become effective upon the receipt of funding or partnership from a Chinese investor participating in the China Technology Investment Marketplace

 China Tech-Investment Marketplace - Webinar Forum Fee:  $750.00

China Tech-Investment Marketplace - Webinar Forum: $750.00

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