China Enterprise Investor Marketplace - Due Diligence: $2,500

China Enterprise Investor Marketplace - Due Diligence

Objective – Prepare candidates to meet minimum business and investment requirements for potential invitation to attend 2017 Washington DC ArchAngels U.S.-China Technology Investment Marketplace 

Participant Qualifications: 

  • Recommendation by Washington DC ArchAngels member, affiliate or sponsor
  • Exceptional match of company business sector with China technology investment priority
  • Advanced company technology providing superior “next level” economic advancement in China (NOTE: under U.S. federal policies, any technology with capabilities for military applications are ineligible)
  • Exceptional, accomplished management team that has achieved company growth to near or above net-positive revenue
  • Capability of company and its technology to address massive Chinese customer market.
  • Formal agreement with Washington DC ArchAngels to facilitate Chinese investment and establishing a U.S.-China company supported by Chinese investment

Required Due Diligence – Washington DC ArchAngels will: 

  • Collaborate with qualified candidate companies to draft, edit and provide Chinese investment reviewers with a final company profile and market feasibility report
  • Provide Chinese investment reviewers with final company profiles and market feasibility reports in both English and Chinese
  • Facilitate potential participation of candidate companies through a match of company technology and business and investment strategies with Chinese investment requirements.
  • Identify 2-5 potential investors in China seeking opportunities with candidate companies that match requested business domain and strategic development characteristics
  • Hand deliver candidate company profiles and market reports to Chinese investors that will attend the U.S.-China Technology Investment Marketplace
  • Conduct a one-on-one review webinar information about requirements and potential benefits to U.S. companies of benefits of doing business in China.  Webinar information is provided by the Washington DC ArchAngels Marketplace Coordinator in Suzhou. 
  • Provide candidate companies with a list of available expert law, marketing and accouting professionals collaborating with Washington DC ArchAngels (all US based and doing business in China).  The experts are available to all candiddates to assist them in safely and profitably entering the Chinese market

Initial Due Diligence Fee: US $2,500

Invitation-Only Information:

Companies selected by at least two Chinese investors will receive an invitation to attend the U.S.-China Enterprise Investor Marketplace.  The total fee to participate in the event is $12,500, less the due diligence fee of $2,500. Invited participating companies will then receive a final invoice of $10,000 that must be paid no later than October 15, 2017.


Companies that fail to be selected by at least two Chinese investors will not receive an invitation to attend the U.S.-China Enterprise Investor Marketplace.  These companies will receive a partial refund of $1,750 of the total Due Diligence fee of $2,500.

China Enterprise Investor Marketplace - Due Diligence: $2,500

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