Global Business Accelerator - Venture Investment Intern - $5,000

Global Business Accelerator - Venture Investment Intern

The Washington DC ArchAngels (WDCA) offers the Venture Investment Intern program for qualified students and associate trainees. Interns assist WDCA in providing basic venture capital and angel investment services and must participate in training to understand the current professional skills and practices of the industry. Interns should expect to devote considerable attention to, and become proficient in, the skills required to identify highest-potential prospective investments and to become familiar with legal structures related to investment in startup companies.  Interns can also expect to network proactively with entrepreneurs, investors and partners, and address complex challenges in the early stage entrepreneurial ecosystem. Required intern duties may include:  

   ● Sourcing deal flow

   ● Performing due diligence

   ● Crafting investment documents

   ● Developing financial models

   ● Supporting WDCA marketing initiatives

   ● Supporting fundraising and investor relations

   ● Recruiting new-to-investing members

   ● Assisting in training and events

   ● Collecting and reporting investment information on portfolio companies

   ● Assisting in creating new venture investment processes

 Venture Investment Intern -

                   Individual Fee: US $5,000

Global Business Accelerator - Venture Investment Intern - $5,000

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