Organizational Membership     $750.00

Organizations may join as a special member class of the Washington DC ArchAngels.  Up to three persons may participate as individual members (memberships are non-transferable).  Participants are expected to be familiar with the art and practice of company building, entrepreneurial development processes, seed-stage investment practices and have knowledge of the operational requirements of high-growth companies. Organizational representatives that are interested in becoming a member of the Washington DC ArchAngels must be referred by a current member. Individual candidates must complete an application that will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and each must make themselves available for a phone call or personal interview. All members will be expected to adhere to high standards of business ethic in dealing with other members and entrepreneurs who seek our assistance. Membership fees are for one year (non-prorated) are automatically renewed each year.

Organizational Membership Benefits

  • Access to all Website information and will receive regular announcements of DC ArchAngels meetings and events.
  • Attendance at four business meetings of the Washington DC ArchAngels - a premier relationship-building monthly event.
  • Washington DC Investor Lunch
  • Full password-protected access to summary of participating company due diligence information
  • Members-Only Receptions
  • Complimentary subscription to Dr. StartUp
  • Invitation to Embassy sponsored entrepreneurial showcases 
  • Opportunity to participate in exclusive member projects-in-progress

Organizational Membership $750.00

Price: $750.00
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