Strategic Advisory Services:  $2,500.00

Strategic Advisory Services

For qualified companies, the Washington DC Archangels provides Strategic Advisory Services that may include assumption of the position of Member of the Board of Directors of the company, and/or helping the company to:

  • develop its business and investment strategy
  • improve presentation materials
  • make one-on-one connections to key U.S. and international individual investors, and investment and M&A companies
  • sharpen its objectives and clarify options for for financial development and  marketing
  • as required, identify prospective investors, investment organizations, merger and acquisition companies
  • as required, assist in negociations related to alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and royalties

All candidates for Strategic Advisory Services must meet rigorous due diligence standards and also enter into a binding agreement with Washington DC ArchAngels that specifies mutual objectives, specifications of  joint rights and obligations and compensation for achieving successful outcomes.

Strategic Advisory Services: $2,500.00

Price: $2,500.00
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