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ArchAngels Startup Entrepreneurs Basics Webinar prepares founders and enterprise leaders to tackle the #1 tough job of fund raising for their companies: how to excite investors and get them interested in their company as an investment. Founders with newly formed companies and other entrepreneurs that need to achieve higher levels of effectiveness in their investor pitch should attend this Webinar.

All participants are required to submit a company description and complete a Starter’s Strength Scale analysis before attending the workshop.

Expected Outcomes:

  • increased understanding and more skillful use of essential behaviors and information needed to make a successful investor pitch
  • understanding and practice that will help strengthen the five elements of power that most attract investors in startup and growth companies
  • an effective personal power pitch that can be communicated in only 90 seconds, gained through step-by-step instruction and feedback
  • an enhanced and effective 10-minute presentation that can generate stronger investor interest

< CONNECTOR > Startup Entrepreneur Basics - US$385.00

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