* Administrative Fee *   $350.00

Candidate companies must participate in a multi-step process of review, evaluation and coaching.  Only candidates that meet successfully Washington DC ArchAngels standards may receive an invitation to present at a meeting, or participate in Washington DC ArchAngels programs.  All candidate companies must initially submit for review, at no charge to the company, information using an online Company Description form and an executive summary of no more than five pages. After the initial review, Washington DC ArchAngels, at its sole discretion, may request the company to submit a complete slide deck describing the company’s business and investment strategy, and then conduct an intensive 2-3 hour review of candidate company material.  An Administrative Fee of $350.00 is required for this step, payable in advance.  After this review the Washington DC ArchAngels may, again at its sole discretion, provide a formal written invitation to the company to participate in an event or other program.

* Administrative Fee * $350.00

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